Retail & Consumer Overview

Providing relevant, timely, and fast content and product recommendations is a must-have for your customers. If you're not delivering it now, you are opening the door to competition that has already made the digital transformation. From recommendation engines to personalization, graph-based systems create a better experience for your customers and unlock cross-promotion and upsell opportunities not possible with legacy systems.

Common Use Cases

Recommendation Engines

From showing best product pairing to sharing the right content at the right time, graph-based recommendation engines deliver relevant, lightning-fast matches, improve customer loyalty and increase the average purchase amount.

Segmentation & Personalization

Graph systems excel at joining together complex, connected and varied data that reveal unique segments and provide your customers unparalleled personalization and choice.

Enhanced Search Engines

Graph-based search systems go far beyond standard word or phrase matching to deliver more precise, intelligent results based on connected content, customer interaction and rich metadata, such as location, time and events.