Retail Intelligence and the Purchase Graph

If retailers want to get serious about managing disruptive trends, then using traditional approaches won't work. They've got to aim at experience and timely incentives - which means deep investments in efficient tech that enables both. Don't believe me? Ask Jeff Bezos how it's working out for him. Then ask whoever is the current CEO at Sears what they might've been done differently in the past 5 to 10 years.


Making Location Analysis Easier With Graph Databases

Data tools like ElasticSearch or MongoDB have pretty elegant ways to do simple location, or geospatial, searches, e.g. show me a list of “X” things within “Y” distance of me.

However, if you use those tools it’s going to be much harder to connect points to varied kinds of related data. Simple searches using Elastic Search, for example, are tied to a single object type. Graphs make it easy or at least much easier to connect MULTIPLE types of objects to a geospatial point and make updates on all of those objects easier as well.

If you’re using Neo4j and the spatial plugin (or you want to), then I’ve got a simple way to add US-based zip codes as nodes for you to start using TODAY. Seriously, this will save you time if you're doing any type of work around US based searches on a map.