Moby Docker : Are Containers a Data Killer or White Whale?

FYI, not a reference to moby docker project

A salty salute to Kubernetes, Marathon, and Swarm regarding containers and persistence. Contrary to popular belief, your data is more safe and sound than ever with containers thanks to virtual volume links, snapshots, and cloud services. Developers everywhere are hacking away to get their code into production. Unfortunately, for a vast majority of enterprise devs, even if they perfect their applications, get through code review, write unit tests, conduct integration testing, and meet all of those unclear requirements, they are going to have a fruitless Friday experience thanks to infrastructure and dev ops. Let's fix that.


My Causal Cluster journey with Neo4J and Azure, the highlights.

Disclaimer:My expertise is not in networking. It’s mostly been full stack web development in my career, and a ton more cloud platform usage in the last couple of years, so my inexperience regarding IPs, subnets, CIDR (google it, I had to) probably made this worse than it should be. Oh well, I sure know a lot more now :)


Graph Story is now all-Enterprise, all the time

Today we have some exciting news! All Graph Story Neo4j plans now offer Neo4j Enterprise Edition.


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