Over the past few months our team has been hard at work building a new console to enhance support for our existing customers as well as make it easier for new customers that need Enterprise Neo4j in the cloud.

We are excited to share that we have launched the new console and added some great new features to make it even easier to get quick access to a production-ready instance or cluster of Enterprise Neo4j.

Updated Design & Features

Enterprise Neo4j causal clusters available on AWS, Azure and Google

The biggest addition we’re really excited about is the ability to easily launch Enterprise Neo4j causal clusters. We offer clusters in almost every region for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

We have also made it easier to make use of existing features such as instance restart, export, import as well as clearing the database for non-production environments. We’ve also added two of the most requested features:

  • customized backup scheduled
  • email alerts for instance availability

Usage-based billing

No annual contracts, upfront fees or fixed rates! Only pay for what you need and use.

When you create an single instance or cluster, the rate is based on the instance size. Usage is determined at the end of the month and charged based your total instance usage.

Also, our new console makes it easy to start and stop instances, so staging, performance, and development environments can be managed so you only pay for when you actually use them.

Multiple Console Users

Need to have multiple users for your console account? We've got your covered! Set up users for admin, billing and standard access.

What's next

Here are a few of the things we've got on deck:

  • Set “start/stop” times for non-production environments to reduce usage costs.
  • Custom notifications for instance information, such resource warnings for RAM and CPU.
  • Audit trail for all console users
  • Add and remove Core and Read Replicas in Neo4j causal clusters
  • More backup/export options (export to csv, export to my S3 account, etc)