Making Location Analysis Easier With Graph Databases


If you’re using Neo4j and the spatial plugin (or you want to), then I’ve got a simple way to add US-based zip codes as nodes for you to start using TODAY.

Seriously, this will save you time if you're doing any type of work around US based searches on a map.

Managing Logistical Relationships in a Graph Database

As the author points out, there is a natural fit between graphs and applications within logistics.

Among many scenarios that can be naturally represented as graphs, maps are the most obvious. But when we think of maps, we can also think of logistics and geospatial applications, which are actually the original graph use cases. Geospatial applications of graph databases range from calculating routes between locations in networks such as a road or rail, airspace, or logistical network to spatial operations such as finding all points of interest in a bounded area, finding the center of a region, and calculating the intersection between two or more regions.

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