Graph Connect in NYC

Neo4j's GraphConnect is coming to NYC this year!  We cannot promise tauntaun rides, but we're certain there will be a great lineup of graph experts & workshops.  We can also slice open a warm discount for you. GraphConnect is October 23rd and 24th and early bird pricing ends 9/8.

So to get a discount plus a discount, goto before 9/8 and use the promo code: GRAPHSTORY20

The promo code is still good after 9/8, it's just better before then.

They Love Us In London, and We Love Them for That

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so it's always great to see these notes.  A nice 105 character kudos from one of our friends in London.  

Thanks, Dom!  We're glad the evening was saved...once again. (well, that's how we read it)

Why Graph Databases Are So Effective in Big Data Analytics

A quick overview on why graphs are so effective in driving revenue through analysis.

Here's a snippet: 

You don’t just need data on the books that are being sold in order to boost sales. You need to understand how the customers connect to books – for example, what books tend to be bought by the same person and what do the buyers of a specific book have in common. If you figure out these relationships, you can drive up sales much easier.



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Found other awesome resources for graph databases? Let us know!

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