This week is all about BEGINNERS! Here are the best resources we could find for folks just starting out with graph databases and Neo4j.

What the heck is a graph database?

We created a short series on the what, why, and how of graph DBs, aimed at people who have never touched one. It’s important to get the basic concepts, but so many articles focus on big picture stuff (BIG DATA AND MACHINE LEARNING AND NETWORKS AND STUFF). Our articles make it easy to understand what the graph is, and how to make it work.

Getting Started with Neo4j

This tutorial is a nice intro to Neo4j by Neo Technologies. It’s essentially the same thing as the built-in :play movie graph command in the Neo4j Web UI that you get with every Graph Story instance, but this has more explanatory content to go along with it, as well as exercises and solutions.

Exploring networks with graph databases

Data journalist Leila Haddou has a great tutorial for beginners that focuses on exploring data relationships with Neo4j. It steps you through very basic Cypher, and importing CSV datasets into Neo4j, then finding connections that would be difficult or impossible to discover in a relational DB.

Neo4j Flask

Data scientist Nicole White created a small microblogging app powered by Neo4j and the Flask microframework for Python. This is a great example of seeing Neo4j and Cypher in a real, working app situation.

Cypher Cheat Sheet

They call it a "Refcard", but it’s more fun to call it a cheat sheet. I’m always forgetting how to do this or that in Neo4j, and having this quick reference close by is super handy.