Remember those ads for Elephant Memory Systems floppy disks, with the tag line “Elephant never forgets?” Well I’m no elephant, because I was so busy rocking out at DevSpaceConf that I forgot to make a newsletter. This one will just have to be TWICE AS GOOD!

Graph Story instances now come with APOC pre-installed; AWS US East 2 now available

A couple pieces of awesome news: all new Graph Story instances will now come with the super-cool APOC add-on pre-installed! APOC adds a bunch of fancy functionality, like loading data from external JSON and XML, spatial features, date/time conversions, exporting to GraphML, and way way more.Check the documentation for all the details. Second, we now support the US East 2 region on AWS! That means you can finally serve the huge Ohio market with properly geo-located machines!

Draw a graph, get the Cypher

The Arrows tool by Alistair Jones lets you draw a graph model in your browser, and then export the model as HTML, SVG, or Cypher commands. This is a really cool way to visually model your graphs ahead of time. Super smart!

Meaningful User Experience with Graph Data

This video presentation by Chris LaCava and William Lyon offers a bunch of useful info about creating great user experiences based on graph data:

Topics include: network analysis queries with Cypher and APOC, tailoring experiences to the intended audience and data, determining the the right visualization for the job and, cutting through the clutter on choosing the right visualization tools.

Found other awesome resources for graph dbs or Neo4j? Let us know!!