You focus on the Dev

We'll handle the Ops

Graph Databases as a Service

“ The expert knowledge is one of the best parts
of the Graph Story package!” - Michael Moussa

Graph Story Features

What You Need To Know

All Inclusive

You need test and production servers.
Seriously, you need both. So, we do that. For one price.

Language Support

Do you use PHP, Java, Python, C#/.Net, Swift, or Ruby?
What a coincidence! So do we.

Email support

Email us about your graph problem.
We email you back. That's how it works.

Expert Knowledge

We like learning & writing about graph databases.
Here's where we drop the book reference.

Graph Data-as-a-Service

Not just the database, but data too!
Yeah, that's how much we like you.

We love this stuff

We love making graphs an easy choice. Love it.
That's not weird, right?

No more SQL joins from hell

Using a graph database makes connected data easier

Enterprise Neo4j on Demand

Up & Running Quickly

Graph Story can show you how to get your graph-backed application up & running within minutes!

Expert Help and Support

We handle backups, tuning, migrations and the other database tasks, so you don't have to. Get expert graph help & support.

Safe & Secure

Take the worry out of securing your graph database. Get secure access to your graph database and graph management tools.


Our team will keep your graph database up-to-date and ensure your installation is available, optimized, and backed up.

“ I'm so glad my team is working late
tuning the database. ” - No CIO Ever

Let us handle the performance tuning. You can leave early today.

(hint: use the side door)

How It Works


Choose a plan (hint: you can start with a free one).


Pick your language & get your database login info.


Get started with our sample applications or we'll help you build one.

Hey, remember that time you built that awesome app
with a free graph database?

It was right now. Why are you still reading? Sign up and get to it!

OK, sign up and we'll send you a free t-shirt and stickers.

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